MALAYSIA, Selangor, 13 July 2021: SELGATE Healthcare (“SELGATE”) collaborates with KOSSAN Group (“KOSSAN”) in the latter’s groupwide COVID-19 onsite vaccination programme, targetting close to 5,000 employees who have voluntarily indicated interest to be vaccinated, both local and foreign. The exercise which began earlier today is the first onsite vaccination programme administered by the Selangor State Government’s Vaccination Programme, Vaksin Selangor (Selvax).

“We have to work hand in hand as the Selvax Industry Programme is one of the crucial initiatives through ring vaccination method to ensure Selangor and Malaysia as a whole could resume manufacturing operations as per normal again. The programme initiated by the Selangor State Government is also an assurance that the safety of every individual is secured,” commented Noor Hisham Mohd Ghouth, Group CEO of SELGATE Corporation.

On KOSSAN’s part, the exercise forms part of its corporate responsibility initiatives in addressing the safety and health of its employees as well as in playing its part in minimizing risks relating to the impending pandemic. The groupwide exercise at KOSSAN involves employees from its corporate offices as well as manufacturing plants in the state of Selangor.

“KOSSAN’s vaccination programme is indeed a milestone for us particularly in this time and season where initiatives such as this not only enhance the lives of our employees but is a testament of our commitment to ensuring workplace safety and health that leads to better productivity and continuity of the economies,” said Lawrence Lim, Executive Director of KOSSAN, also Project Director of KOSSAN Vaccination Programme.

“Large scale programmes such as this are a catalyst for other employers to consider partnering with relevant healthcare service providers in the country’s effort in the COVID-19 preventive and control measures. At KOSSAN, our partnership with SELGATE in this groupwide exercise is a commitment to the company’s corporate responsibility in our collective effort in addressing this global public health situation,” added Poh Lin, Lim, Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications of KOSSAN Group.

The Selangor State Government had earlier on announced its Selvax implementation under two categories: Selvax Community and Selvax Industry, and has been accepted as one of the supporting programmes to the present National COVID-19 Immunization Programme (PICK) since June 2021.

Both SELGATE and KOSSAN expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the strategic collaborative efforts which culminate into the first onsite vaccination programme under Selvax. While SELGATE remains agile in its supportive administration of the programme, KOSSAN remains committed to exercising its corporate and social responsibilities, which include the safety and health of its employees, both local and foreign.

Collaboration photo of KOSSAN Group and SELGATE Corporation (L-R: KOSSAN Site General Manager, KC Pung; KOSSAN Head of Corporate Affairs & Communication, Poh Lin, Lim; KOSSAN Executive Director, Lawrence Lim; SELGATE Corp Communications rep, Muhammad Ikram Sabri; SELGATE Group CEO, Noor Hisham Mohd Ghouth; and SELGATE Special Officer to Group CEO, Sip Mun Yi)

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