JAKARTA, 1 September 2022 – Prixa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in collaboration with the Malaysian network of hospitals and clinics, Selgate Healthcare. With the signing of this collaboration, Prixa is pioneering a full scope international medical experience for corporations and individuals that are seamless and accessible, via teleconsultation and on-site medical services internationally.

This strategic collaboration will accommodate patients from both Indonesia and Malaysia to consult remotely with doctors from both countries. Furthermore, patients can be reciprocally referred to either Selgate’s healthcare provider network in Malaysia or Prixa’s healthcare provider network in Indonesia.

Additionally, Prixa and Selgate’s strategic collaboration will also provide patients with a complete package of treatment experiences. Prixa will facilitate patients from Indonesia who require medical treatment in Malaysia with plane tickets, accommodation, and any necessary doctor appointments and medical treatment.

Chief Operating Officer of Prixa, Handry Mulyo stated that this strategic collaboration serves to accomplish Prixa’s vision to transform an individual’s medical experience that is more patient centric, simple to access and affordable while maintaining the highest standard of care.

“Prixa is committed to becoming a leading healthcare provider. Our vision is to provide better health care services for corporations and employees. Thus, we envision our collaboration with Selgate as an integrated healthcare solution that provides international accessibility for patients. With this collaboration, Prixa will manage patients’ travel for their medical care, from departure to return, so patients no longer need to worry about searching for accommodation or finding the right doctor,” said Handry.

For Selgate, this strategic collaboration is expected to expand Selgate’s network and health services beyond Malaysia into other Southeast Asia regions.

“Our goal is to further strengthen our competitiveness by maximizing our respective competencies and comparative advantages to complement each other’s strategic work, and ensure the most efficient and probable business deliveries for our customers. We also hope that this partnership will lead to the extension of other services with PRIXA for other SELGATE’s subsidiaries,” said Noor Hisham Mohd Ghouth, Executive Director of Selgate Healthcare.

Prixa is a corporate health service management company that employs a digital technology approach in managing costs for company health benefits. Prixa provides health services that are integrated into one platform, including teleconsultation, laboratory tests, Medical Check-up services, pharmacy delivery, and vaccinations. Prixa initiates a new way of managing company’s investment for employee health benefits by tailoring healthcare plans requested by each company, providing a simple administrative and claims processing, and using technology to provide insights and call to action from medical and financial data points.

Selgate Healthcare is an integrated healthcare company in Malaysia that operates in the development of new healthcare facilities, mergers and acquisitions of existing healthcare providers, strategic partnerships in investment and equity shareholding, and management and administration services of employee health benefits.

Founded in 2019, Prixa has partnered with a network of more than 1000 healthcare providers spread across Indonesia, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories; and Selgate’s panel healthcare facilities includes 2,400 pharmacies, laboratories and clinics as well as 249 hospitals in Malaysia.

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