Kuala Lumpur, 2 March 2023 – DOC2US, Malaysia’s first and largest digital health provider and Selgate Healthcare Sdn Bhd, a healthcare conglomerate under SELGATE Corporation Sdn Bhd that offers diversified services in healthcare management, including hospitals, clinics, dental, pharmacy, medical laboratories, and nursing homecare, announced their collaboration through an MoU signing in a joint effort to provide complete and comprehensive digital healthcare services to Malaysian pilgrims. The MoU will allow pilgrims to access virtual healthcare services remotely, offering more convenient, accessible, and affordable digital healthcare during pilgrimage for Umrah and Haj.

This collaboration is expected to pioneer digital healthcare in the travel industry, providing users with more options to maintain healthcare needs in their journey. With unlimited teleconsultations with licensed and board approved doctors included in the pilgrimage travel packages; this would allow more pilgrims in the country to fulfil their religious obligations while having access to affordable healthcare amidst rising travel costs.

“We are aiming to work with government and authorities to solve some of the pain points faced by the industry and pilgrims. For pilgrims who are in another foreign land in need of medical attention during their pilgrimage, they will have access to digital healthcare services such as teleconsultations, virtual health advisory, e-prescriptions and more, through DOC2US and Selgate” said CEO and Co- founder of DOC2US, Dr Raymond Choy.

DOC2US and Selgate’s MoU will see an integration of DOC2US’ digital health technology and platform with Selgate’s subsidiaries including the SELANGKAH super-app, where both will be working hand-in- hand to provide integrated and seamless digital healthcare services to Malaysian pilgrims.

Through this integration, the use of SELANGKAH app and DOC2US’ GPS tracking solutions will enable real-time monitoring and tracking of the pilgrims’ health and location, which will aid in providing timely medical attention in case of emergencies, as well as other future possibilities of collaboration.

“This will not only help improve the pilgrims’ health and wellbeing but also lead to the development of new and innovative healthcare solutions. It will provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to work together and share their expertise and knowledge, and make healthcare more accessible and affordable for people. By leveraging technology and innovative healthcare solutions for health services integration, it will not only enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to the pilgrims but also benefit the healthcare industry as a whole.”, said Executive Director of Selgate Corporation, Dato’ Noor Hisham Mohd Ghouth.

Dr Raymond Choy also concluded that, “As a Malaysian company, we hope to be of service to Malaysian pilgrims who are on a long journey to Mecca and Medinah, by providing them with peace of mind knowing that their health and wellbeing are cared for. With Selgate, we hope to leverage on our health technology, resources and expertise to make healthcare much more timely, economical and accessible as healthcare is a fundamental right for everyone.”

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